As it is

As it is

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Here we are!

It has been two weeks plus already and almost feels like home! It's just so lovely to wake up and hear...nothing! Apart from a few birds and the wild boys already awake and running riot in their room of course! We have our heads around keeping the fire going, living without television (temporarily maybe) and adding jobs to the afternoon that include chopping wood, fencing, varnishing among all the odd jobs that will never end.
The floor has been my biggest erk, I need to get in touch with the manufacturers to ask if it really is supposed to scratch like it has been, i need LOW maintenance, I don't want to be precious about it. Also need to hurry up and get curtains sorted, as the Goulburn weather is cooling down. Mind you, the wood fire gets amazingly warm and there hasn't been a night yet that we've been cold.
I LOVE my kitchen! I love the space and the stove and the drawers and the breakfast bar (which we use ALL day). Still waiting to get the bins sorted but it won't be long and we need to get our heads around the recylcing stuff and how to manage it but again, we'll get there.
The boys have fun every day, they're still finding boxes of toys that haven't been unpacked and there is dirt and grass and rocks galore outside to play with. I caught henry outside yesterday afternoon completely nudie sliding down the biggest pile of dirt like a slippery dip! (He was hosed down shortly after I took a photo). I really need to put together a routine for them, just so I know what they're doing and so they're not getting up to mischief (which they do too often) including smashing an entire bottle of newly baked cookies and pulling my wet washing off the clothes airer and spreading it all over the house! *sigh*
I'd like to get my head around the tussock thing, which will need attention very soon I'm afraid, chipping or spraying, but I think its something I'm going to have to attend to weekly. Also I'd like to get a start on the house yard, paths etc, so that we're not asking visitors to tramp through mud to get to the front door. Dad has been putting in the hard hours getting the house yard fence done so at least I'll be able to contain the children very soon!
We still have no internal lights, except the two bathrooms, that's what I get for marrying an electrician! He has been SUPER busy though doing all the other more important stuff so no pressure Waz! It's kind of nice with lamps and fluros here and there.
I better go anyway, shower, attend children and off to Middle Arm Ladies Morning Tea this morning (how funny).
x Mel

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