As it is

As it is

Friday, May 13, 2011

Winter is here!

So its only just May and we've already had a minus eight! Unbelievable! The up side to this is that I didn't even notice, I'm loving how warm our house stays, and still we don't have curtains in the living room.  \Watching a house full on ebay so fingers crossed that no one wants them more than we do!
We have just been pldding along much more sensibly since we moved in. This week I've spread some more grass seed, varnished in the boys bathroom, hung curtains in our bedroom (which need hemming), set up the guest room for our visitors this weekend, collected wood...
Oh and I rang the manufacturers of our floor sealer, asking why it is getting so scratched, and they said the concrete is super absorbent and we need to do 2-3 more coats of the stuff. The good thing about this is that we have a solution, the bad thing is that we have to move furrniture and keep the boys of a sticky floor for 24 hours.
Dad ploughed up the house yard a bit more on Thursday so we can start a bit of landscaping, mainly paths and grass to begin with. I'd LOVE y clothesline to go up soon, I just haven't washed any sheets yet because there's no place to hang them. It has been so windy that they'd be covered in dirt and dust if I hung them outside anyway.
So yeah as I said, visitors this weekend, Jeff and Johanna and little Braxton are coming for a night, trying to compile a list of stuff we need done, just for stuff to do not because I get free labour (besides Jo is super pergnant so she won't be doing much anyway). I think we might work at sealing the tree in the lounge room, seeing as its freezing outside and this will keep us in. If the weather behaves we've got vegies to plant, grass seed to spread, paths to dig...the list goes on :)
So in short, we're getting there. Our major source of cash flow has dried up so we're a lot more reserved in spending and just doing jobs as we can afford it. We have never had to live like this but it is kind of nice. I like going to the supermarket once a week instead of every day! I like that we're at home and it is a big effort to go to town without much reason to do so. I like that the boys have space and that we are a destination for friends and family. Come visit!!

Mel x

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  1. Mel, you could enlarge the first photo and stick on the wall, it is gorgeous. Though of course you get to see it in real life every day :D