As it is

As it is

Friday, July 8, 2011


So I know now why it was so hard to find other blogs and info on people who were building mudbrick or alternative housing...because it takes so much damn time and energy to get it done they couldn't possibly have time to write a blog! How silly of me!
Aside from the obvious fact that I've been absent from the cyber-world, we have acheived quite a lot in the last month or so.
Waz is outside today on this horribly cold, windy, sleety day spreading 100tonne of road base that was delivered this morning and we have a roller being dropped off this arv to compact it...thanks APE! We have a deadline of sorts in sight to get a few things finished...our HOUSEWARMING PARTY! SO excited...spit roast, bonfire, lots of friends and family coming! So we needed to get the driveway done because we didn't want everyone getting too bogged or muddied up, we have halfway done the paths from the car to the house which means NO MORE GUMBOOTS just to get to the car and we are also halfway done on the house yard fence, which means we can almost contain our wild boys, who have taken up the habit of disappearing completely only to reappear somewhere very far away! Won't be long and I know how to strain and tie wires, bang in star posts, join wire and keep my eyes out of the way in the process.
We have quite a lot of windows covered now, almost finished the ensuite blinds and putting the final touches on the loungeroom curtains. Its been hard because the mudbrick is a bit tricky to hang from so most of these recent additions we have mounted on the actual window frame which I guess is a bit unusual but it still looks really good. The curtains I got on ebay for $100 are just amazing! I just need to get to spotlight to get on more set and we'll about have them all. STILL waiting for the carpet guy to call me back about laying the 'spikey room" carpet, so named by the boys after they discovered the spikey carpet edging that runs around the room.
I have a couple more coats of paint to go in the study and it will be done too which means I can think a bit more about furniture, again not being able to just plaster the wall with artwork is frustrating but I'm thinking a big cork board in there and I can swap and change images as I like...?
Anyway, back to work, love to hear your thoughts and comments so keep in touch!
Henry helping with the path

Almost done

Our fencing job, not done yet!


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  1. Sounds like it is all coming along, it all takes time. I know I want things to happen now but I guess patience is a learnt skill over many many years :)

    Have a great house warming and say hi to your mum and dad for us.

    We have also been chugging along at our place, slowly slowly, sometimes deciding how you are going to do something takes most of the time. It does for us anyway.

    Would love to see some photos of your curtains and how you put them up.