As it is

As it is

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Actually living here has meant we have achieved a lot less than when we were travelling to finish the place BUT we now get to wake up in our own space, eat a leasurely brekkie and plod along at a pace that is not frantic and insane! Waz has been home for most of this weekend and we've managed to get the grass seed out and raked in with some fresh turkey manure, marked where the paths will be, put up the clothesline (FINALLY) and got rid of the speed hump on the driveway.
We also managed in amongst that to have some family for afternoon tea and visitors for lunch and afternoon tea today so it's a very productice weekend!
During the week Dad was out here and we put in some more stays and posts, almost all done now thanks goodness! It will be nice to be able to contain the boys a bit better, although I'm almost certain they will find a way out somewhere.
I've been for walks with the boys twice this week up into the bush, checking out the fence line and making some new discoveries. We found where the wombats live, found the top pf the ridge behind the house, found a nice kangaroo trail that led us all the way up there and found where (some) of the rabbits are living under the "humpy" in the big dam paddock.
And finally I've uploaded some photos, some are a little outdated now but still worth a look...

This is how deep a post hole should be..about as tall as Henry a month ago!

Our first brekky at the farm!

Pa doing storytime!

Just after the Easter egg hunt

Henry with his (beautiful) Easter craft

Exploring the veggie garden with Thom & Chan, Zahra and Steffy

The front door...thanks Mal's boss!

The photo does not do justice to how spectacular this sunset was just the other night!

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